Copper Shielding - Long (5cmx100cm)

Copper Shielding - Long (5cmx100cm)
Copper Shielding - Long (5cmx100cm)
Copper Shielding - Long (5cmx100cm)

Copper Shielding - Long (5cmx100cm)

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Copper Shielding - Long (20cmx25cm)

This long copper shielding tape is ideal for use with guitar body cavity. For pickguards, you may want to use the the rectangular version instead.

Note: Usually, 1 to 2 orders are sufficient. Each measure 5cm by 100cm.

It has adhesive on one side and is double conductive. This is what we use in our wiring services and found it to be effective.

By shielding, you can significantly reduce undesired electrical interferences, most often the high pitch buzzing sound. Shielding will prevent your guitar's wiring from acting as an antenna and collecting stray signals that are in the air. The all-too-familiar buzz through the amplifier can be brought on by radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic frequency interference (EMI) near your instrument.

Keep in mind that shielding won't get rid of the 60-cycle hum. This calls for the usage of a humbucker pickup configuration.

Please send a message before placing your order.

We specialize in custom guitar wiring and hand-wound pickups.

Please let us know if you have questions or clarification.

You can also check our website for more wiring guide info.

Feel free to send a message and we will reply asap.

Thank you!

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