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Our team is passionate about guitar wiring and electronics upgrades.
We help musicians bring out the best tones from their instrument.
We specialize in custom guitar wiring and handwound pickups. We wire and build according to your specs.


Hello Tone Lovers!

My name is Mong, the founder of Montances Guitar Wiring. I am a guitarist and an electronics engineer as well.

My love for guitar tech started during one of my Master’s degree course (MS ECE) where I first built my guitar tuning software.That guitar tuner evolved into a thesis where I designed and implemented a piano tuning algorithm.

During the same year, I was able to acquire a premium-quality vintage handmade Momose stratocaster from a Japanese expert luthier named Masayuki Takaesu. I was blown away by the craftsmanship and tone of that guitar.

From there, I started my research on how to get the same creamy and bell-like tones through reverse engineering.

As my background is in Electronics, I have spent a lot of time studying the internals of guitar ( pickups and other wiring components) to understand its effect on the guitar tone.

Today, I have learned the art and science of building handwound pickups.

I have developed a deeper understanding on the importance of material selection (wire insulation type, wire gauge), construction build (coil geometry, bobbin design, etc) and winding technique.

I have experimented with the electrical and tonal effects of changing potentiometers, capacitors and guitar cables.

I’m still learning a lot everyday! (That’s why I love this work!)

Every guitar wiring project is a unique experience. I will be honored if you wish to be part of my guitar wiring journey!

My goal is to help you improve your guitar tones through electronics upgrades and hopefully help you understand the basics of guitar wiring during the process.

I specialize in Guitar Electronics upgrade, modification and customization. By that, I mean, pickups, wirings, potentiometers, capacitors, switches, jacks, wires, guitar cables etc.

Let’s start your guitar wiring project! 🙂

Feel free to send a message!

Talk soon,


Mong Montances

Chief Wiring Engineer
Montances Guitar Wiring

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