Bass String Guide: Finding the Right Scale Set for Your Bass

Bass String Guide: Finding the Right Scale Set for Your Bass

Finding the Right Scale Set for Your Bass

When it comes to choosing the perfect set of strings for your bass guitar, simply knowing the instrument's "scale length" isn’t enough. You need to figure out the precise "string wound length" before making a purchase from any string manufacturer. This guide will help you determine the correct string wound length for your bass.

How to Determine Your Bass' "String Wound Length"

  1. Measure Your Bass: Measure the distance from the ball-end of the string to just past the nut. If your strings go through the body, you may need to remove them to get an accurate measurement.

  2. Refer to Our Key: Use the measurement to determine the correct string set for your bass:

    • La Bella Short Scale Set: 32 ¼” Wound Length
    • La Bella Medium Scale Set: 34 ¼” Wound Length
    • La Bella Standard/Long Scale Set: 36 ¾” Wound Length
    • La Bella Extra Long Scale: 38" Wound Length

Important Considerations

  • Nut Clearance: Ensure the string wound length clears the nut.
  • Flat Wounds: For flat wound strings, the wound portion should not wrap around the tuning post to prevent breakage.
  • Through-Body Stringing: Standard flat wound bass sets should not be used on basses that require stringing through the body, as they will break. For these basses, use the Through-Body (“-TB”) models such as 760FL-TB, 760FS-TB, etc.
  • Beatle Bass Sets: La Bella Beatle Bass sets are specifically designed for Beatle basses and very similar models. Using them on standard basses will result in breakage.

If you have specific questions about your bass, please email for assistance.


Understanding and measuring the string wound length for your bass is essential for optimal performance and string longevity. Following these guidelines will ensure you select the right strings, enhancing your playing experience.


Read the La Bella Guide here:

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